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We are providing current and future generations with innovative approaches to education through personalized learning.

NSD at a Glance

  • 13,560 Spirited Students
  • 1,675 Committed Staff Members
  • 2,673 Dual Credit Courses Taken
  • 24 High-Quality Schools
  • 94 Square Miles of Superior Learning Facilities

Why Choose Willow Creek?

Willow Creek Elementary strives to personalize the learning experience for all our students through an innovative blended learning model. Within this model, students work with both traditional and digital classroom resources. Students are encouraged and supported to take ownership of their learning through setting goals, creating action plans and reflecting on their path to success. Willow Creek is home to a strong collaborative culture that, when combined with our innovative approach to learning, creates a unique and impactful learning experience.  Come and see for yourself the innovative learning going on at Willow Creek! 

NSD's Strategic Vision


Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The mission of the Nampa School District is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student.

Vision: Every student is fully engaged in extraordinary learning experiences, preparing for successful transition to the next stage of life.


Upcoming Events

safety sat

Safety Saturday!

The F.A.C.E. Committee brings you Safety Saturday!
October 14th from 10am - 12pm.
This will take place outside on the Willow Creek basketball courts and the west parking lot. (you can still park where you usually do for 2nd Sat. Events in the east parking lot).
Mr. Hacket from Valley Regional Transit is back and will set up his bike rodeo.
Ride your bike or scooter, or borrow some of his!!
We will also have police and fire department visitors. As well an an EMT with her ambulance, and Nurse Jess will be running some first aid.
This is a free event for families and the community of Willow Creek Elementary School in Nampa. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.