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Do you have a toddler?  

Check out this article to give you ideas for how to get them "school ready" using art.  

The Benefit of Art for Toddlers:


10 Signs of a Great Family by Dr. Steve Stephens

1.  Togetherness:  Enjoy spending time together.
2.  Respect:  Respect one another's thoughts, feelings, boundaries, and possessions.
3.  Acceptance, Appreciation and Affirmation:  Encourage and build one another up.
4.  Love:  Care about one another and communicate love.
5.  Rules and Responsibility: Follow certain rules and share family responsibility.
6.  Communications:  Talk to one another about what is on your hearts and minds.
7.  Fun and Laughter:  Relax and have good times with one another.
8.  Honesty:  Be honest and truthful with one another.
9.  Traditions:  Have routines, patterns and traditions that bring us closer.
10.  Faith: Have a common faith that gives you hope and guides you through the easy and difficult  
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"It's the Simple Things That Count" by Dr. Dobson 

You don't have to spend huge amounts of money to have a meaningful family life.  Children love the most simple, repetitive kinds of activities.  They want to be read the same stories hundreds of times and hear the same jokes long after they've heard the punch lines.  These interactions with parents are often more fun than expensive toys or special events.
A friend of mine once asked his grown children what they remembered most fondly from their childhood.  Was it the vacations they took together or the trips to Disney World or the zoo?  NO, they told him.  It was when he would get on the floor and wrestle with the four of them.  They would gang-tackle the "old man" and laugh until their sides hurt.  That's the way children think.  The most meaningful activities within the families are often those that focus on that is spontaneous and personal.  
This is why you can't buy your way out of parenting, though many have tried.  Busy and exhausted mothers and fathers, attempt to "pay off" their deprived kids with toys, cars and expensive experiences.  It rarely works.  What boys and girls want most is time spent with their parents, building things in the garage or singing in the car or hiking to an old fashioned pond.  No toy, to be played with alone, can ever compete with the enjoyment of such moments, and those moments will be remembered for a lifetime. 

(Taken from Kids Services, Kids In Divorce Support Services, July 2015)