Word Lists

Unit 1 
Spelling Words

am if log yet up
at is dot web bug
sat him top pen mud
man rip hot wet nut
dad fit lot leg hug
mat pin ox hen tub

Sight Words

and for do all friend
be what find does full
help have funny here good
you he sing me hold
play look no my many
with too they who pull

Unit 2
Spelling Words
(10/10) (10/17) (10/31) (11/7) (11/14)
an in on yes us
bad will got let sun
can did fox red but
had sit pop ten fun
cat six not bed bus
ran big hop get run

Sight Words
(10/10) (10/17) (10/31) (11/7) (11/14)
away animal her after eat
call how now draw give
come make our pictures one
every of she read put
hear some today was small
said why would write take