Guidance Lessons for January and February, 2017

Kindergarten- King
Peyton- A & B
1st- Brown, Dayley
2nd- Tully, Labrum, Lemke
3rd- Hoyt, Pearce
4th- Eichner, Geraud
5th- Channer, Koenig

1st- Finch, Hoff
2nd- Sullivan, Davies
3rd- Hellwig, Lorimor
4th- Cooper, Cuevas
5th- Gibbs, Chierici 


Kindergarten: Personal safety/Safe touch* (See below for an explanation of what will be discussed.  Your student will be bringing home a copy of this letter.)

First Grade: 
Personal safety

Second Grade: 
Personal safety/personal boundaries

Third Grade:
Bully prevention/not being "bystanders"

Fourth Grade:
Bully prevention

Fifth Grade:


*Kindergarten Personal Safety/Safe Touch Lessons Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I will be teaching personal safety lessons in the kindergarten classes for the next two months.  These lessons will teach ways for your child to keep safe, including what to do if a stranger approaches them and safe touch.  The safe touch lessons will include discussion about how their body belongs to them and no one has a right to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.  It will be stressed that they need to tell a trusted adult if someone touches them inappropriately. 

The resources I will be using are the YouTube video Be Safe with Wendall and Al (LAZ-Y-BOY Child Safety Video) and It’s My Body by Lory Freeman. 

Some of the things your child will learn include:

  • The definition of a stranger (Many young children have false beliefs about what is a stranger.  Often they think of strangers as people who wear black with masks or only as “scary looking” people.)
  • If a grown-up stranger needs help they should ask a grown-up for help, not a kid
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger
  • Never accept gifts from a stranger
  • It is not rude to say “no” to strangers
  • It is okay to do whatever it takes to get away from a stranger that tries to take them somewhere
  • Don’t go places alone- always have a buddy
  • Some families have code words that only safe people know.  If someone tries to take them somewhere and they don’t know the family code word, then the child knows not to go with them.  Children will be instructed not to tell others their family code word.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the personal safety lessons.